Does the Journal Practice
Political Correctness?

While we intend to give no needless offence, we have many more pressing priorities than its avoidance, such as truth, the free use of our ancestral language with all its capacity for nuance, and the quest for delight through beauty.


We are also aware that many special-interest groups in today's societies seek to control people of good will by using their own gallantry and courtesy against them. If you regularly practice a willingness to be offended, we warn you that you very might well be. We take no responsibility, therefore, for anyone's feeling of being offended and give notice here and now of our permanent policy regarding Political Correctness, which is simply this: we will never issue any apologies, whether public or private, for anything that anyone says on the website or in the journal. If words, or your habitual reaction to them, are weapons to you, you will not find cooperation from us.



Editor and Publisher
Alana K. Asby


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