Editor and Publisher
Alana K. Asby


to the

Author's Journal of

Inventive Literature

Our e-store is not operating right now.


To order copies of the journal, please send us $5 per print copy or $2.50 per PDF copy using Google Pay or PayPal, directing the payment to the email Once you have your payment confirmation, please send the details of what you are ordering to the same email address, along with your transaction number.

We've published two issues: The Life of Beasts (I) and The Life of Trees (II). To preview the issues, select the appropriate option in the main menu.


Publication schedule is now ad hoc. We aim to publish our next issue, The Life of Books (III), in March 2019; and our fourth issue, The Life of Integrity (IV), in June 2019. Because our Pro-Life Homeschool writing contest will require a lot of time and energy, we don't plan to publish another issue till around Christmas 2019. The theme of this issue will be The Life of Children.


Those who previously subscribed to a full publishing year are entitled to 4 issues and will receive the remaining 2 issues as they are published. The Life of Children must be purchased separately.

When all five scheduled issues have been published, their contents, along with new material, will be collected in a book.

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