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Coming later: a semi-nostalgic "pulp" speculative-fiction mag. 

Writers may begin submitting now. Email ajil.submissions@acadlit.org and type SUBMISSIONS AGE OF GOLD in the subject line. Payment and terms are the same as for The AJIL.

Remember, all Acad Lit publications look for work that reflects a Universe with a deeply good given nature; and that moves the reader toward a contemplation of goodness, even when evil is depicted.

For AGE OF GOLD, we are especially looking for:

  • adventure and excitement

  • virtuous or virtue-seeking heroes 

  • archetypal characters

  • clever twists and story-lines

  • vulgarity

  • above all, STRANGENESS.







Also coming later, a humor publication that rejects politically correct restrictions and is based on the understanding that the purpose of humor is to release shame, not to impose or deny it.

Writers may begin submitting now. Email your submission to ajil.submissions@acadlit.org and type HUMOR SUBMISSIONS in the subject line. Payment and terms are the same as for the AJIL.

All subject matter is fair play. Just make your story, poem, essay, cartoon, or nonce piece funny - and don't lead the reader to the contemplation or enjoyment of evil, as defined by the common morality of traditional cultures.

At Acad Lit, dark, edgy, and morose is NOT the new funny. Make us giggle, cavort, belly laugh, guffaw or at least smile - just don't leave a grimy film on the soul.



Editor and Publisher
Alana K. Asby




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