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Hello! My name is Alana K. Asby, and I'm the Editor of the Author's Journal of Inventive Literature. I've written much of the material on this website. A lot of it is pretty theoretical, so I've entered this page to succinctly let writers know what to send right now.

As of 2/6/20, I'm finishing up the design of the third issue, Life of Books. I have all the material I need.

I'm about halfway through putting together Life of Integrity. This theme could have a lot of interpretations.


  • I have a story about a person whose mental integrity is broken down through being experimented on, and his unusual cure.

  • I would like to see one more short story on this theme. It needs to be an actual short story, by which I mean that it should have a verbal-narrative flavor, a single theme, and a single narrative point.


I need a few more poems; around 5 would be great. The field is wide open. Please send me musical and formal poetry as much as possible, as explained elsewhere on this website.


Note that the word 'integrity' means "wholeness," and though it often applies to moral wholeness, it can also mean a lot of other kinds, including the soundness of physical structures!

The final issue of the Journal as planned is the Christmas Issue, "Life of Children." This will have something of a pro-life theme, since the winners of our Homeschool Pro-Life Writing Contest will be published in this issue. However, anything related to children is wide open.

For this issue, I have a story about a classroom of children with a tiny witch in their midst, and several poems reflecting a writer's memories of growing up in India.

I need around 10,000 more words in the story section and 8 to 10 more poems. Poetic prose or essays are always welcome as well; this category is chronically under-submitted.

Do look through the FAQ's section on the Submissions page.

After the Christmas Issue, the AJIL will transition to a Slow Literature Anthology format, to reflect the limitations my life has placed on me at this time. Shortly after starting the journal I became pregnant at an age that made for a somewhat difficult pregnancy and recovery. This has made my original plans for the journal difficult to carry out, but I remain committed to fulfilling my current obligations with the journal. I am grateful for everyone's patience and involvement.

Thank you!

Alana K. Asby



Editor and Publisher
Alana K. Asby




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